June 25, 2020 2 min read

If you haven’t already heard of theanine, you likely with within the next year. It has also been labeled a Nootropic for its cognitive and memory enhancement qualities. Though studies have shown Nootropic supplements to falsely advertise their claims, there is no mistaking the very real effects of theanine that have been around for centuries.

What is Theanine?

Theanine is the yang to the caffeine yin. It is a naturally occurring amino acid in tea leaves and is why you don’t get jittery and manic after drinking tea containing caffeine. Unlike coffee, tea has additional compounds to balance out caffeine’s stimulating properties. When the two are combined, a very powerful neuro-stimulant is formed. While caffeine is commonly known to increase mental and physical function, theanine is believed to help the brain focus and has even been used to decrease anxiety.

Caffeine and Theanine Synergy

The majority of the population is aware of caffeine’s ability to increase mental output, but how many people use it to increase physical performance? In a study measuring the effects of caffeine on performance, 17 showed significant improvement team sport exercise, 6 of 11 showed significant benefit for resistance training, and results showed a 95% confidence interval. All that to say that there is substantial evidence supporting caffeine’s ability to increase physical output. So why the discrepancy? The answer is simple. Athletes need to be able to focus and relax. The stimulation from caffeine though helpful for performance, can cause jitters and anxiousness. This is why theanine is such a game changer.

The Future

Sports drinks have been dominated by electrolytes and caffeine, but never together. Imagine a future where you feel wide awake, fully focused, and completely hydrated. Imagine being able to run farther, jump higher, and sprint faster.. and plants are the fuel. Where previous drinks have come short in delivering hydration and energy for athletes, this new combination shows potential for more. Pro Coco™ is one drink leading the way by bringing together coconut water, caffeine, and theanine into one bottle. The proprietary blend of plant extracts in Boost™ is the optimum balance of hydration, energy, and focus that every high performer is looking for. Made from most powerful plant ingredients for the biggest challenges in your day. Pro Coco’s coconut water energy drink is the next evolution of sports and energy drink. Some may call it a synergy drink. But make no mistake, it will change what people are drinking.