Our mission is to help people feel their best 

and Feel good about The ingredients 

they put in their bodies.

Energy products tasted like chemicals and coffee wasn't much better, so I never consumed those products.  I knew of so many diseases that were related to processed foods, preservatives, and sweeteners so the energy products just never felt like an option, but I always loved young coconut water. Eventually employment stress and lack of sleep demanded more energy than I could muster and coffee consumption became the norm. 

Concerns from the prospect of drinking an absurd amount of caffeine lead me to L Theanine, a once secret ingredient that has become a massive trend. From there a vision for a coconut energy water was born. A simplified drink with all the important energy ingredients and none of the gimmicks or disease causing junk.

Pro Coco Team

As international travelers, entrepreneurs, working for Fortune 500 companies, and competitive athletics. We also understand the need for an extra boost of energy when you are reaching your limits. We know the disappointment when you look at the back of a can and see mediocre, carcinogenic, and corrosive ingredients.

That's why we created Pro Coco! So that you can enjoy the benefits of energy without the garbage that comes with it. We hope changes your life as much as it has for us.

how We give

Generosity is a huge value of ours. Out of that desire, we've partnered with One Atta Time to provide clean water to people in need around the world. 

By using Pro Coco, a % of your purchase goes to help people across the globe increase their standard of living for generations to come.


Please reach out to us with questions, concerns, and business inquiries at info@pro-coco.com, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch.