Affiliates welcome!

We are passionate about our products and helping people maximize their potential. We want to partner with like-minded people that: 

- Want to generate passive income with your influence 

- Are intentional about consuming healthy products

- Wants to grow your network with a growing brand 

- Has a an entrepreneurial spirit

If this resonates, you are going to love partnering with us!


Once you are accepted into the affiliate program, we will send you a welcome package with some free product and information on how to get up and running!


Share the benefits of Pro Coco with your network! Give your friends and followers 15% off with your personalized discount code or use your affiliate link on your blog, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 


We highly value our ambassadors and are very generous with our commissions! Earn every time someone shops using your discount code or affiliate link. The more people that you refer to, the more you earn! 


Tier 1: 0-9 referrals

15% discount code, 30% commission, 30% off for yourself 

Tier 2: 10-24 referrals

15% discount code, 40% commission, 40% off for yourself 

tier 3: 25+ referrals

15% discount code, 50% commission, 50% off for yourself

What other Affiliates are saying

"I have never been an ambassador to a company that has taken care of me more, and will continue to sing their praises forever!" - Amber

"It's really helping me focus at work. I think it has literally saved my job." - Sarah

"I don't put any trash in my body anymore. Pro Coco just works and I don't have to think twice about the ingredients." - Chase