(12 servings per bag)

Coconut Water for Energy and Performance

 Performance (80 mg of caffeine)

 Energy (Electrolytes, Vitamins/Minerals)

 Relaxed (Tea Leaf Extract)

 No Crash (NO Artificial Sweeteners/Added Sugar)

 Premium Ingredients 



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Change your day with our boost product. It was designed with a vision for optimum health and performance.

More Energy - the perfect mix of electrolytes, caffeine, and vitamins provide fuel for the mind and body.

Increased Performance - studies show that caffeine increases performance by 15% in aerobic and anaerobic activities.

More Relaxed - tea leaf extract (L-Thenanine) is an amino acid that supports relaxation and calming the nervous system.

No Energy Crash- this is possible by eliminating cheap sugar and reducing caffeine that spike your blood sugar and adrenal systems. 

Premium Ingredients - only the best for your body. Clean, plant-based ingredients you can trust. See list below.

Say Goodbye Yellow Teeth - we extract the caffeine and theanine from coffee and tea so your teeth don't have to.

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